inEar for VK 
inEar for VK is a real-time messages reading service developed for users of Russian social network called Vkontakte. This application is a must-have tool for all the drivers, managers, headset/headphone active users, students etc.

Running this application will significantly reduce amount of unnecessary and unsafe in situations pull outs of your smartphone from the pocket by reading incoming messages with any synthesized voice that can be installed and tuned by your preferences.

All the authorizations are being made through official VK application that makes using this service secure and easy-to-start.

Feel free to click on any inEar logo on this page in order to get this application.
Over 2.500 users currently using this application in order to have comfortable experience of using such an options that can be turned on/off on purpose:
- Low power and Internet consumption working on the background
- Autorun on system start and automatic after crash stable service running
- Vocalizing only with headphones/headset plugged in
- Marking messages as readed or reading in spy-mode
- Keep service working even in Muted system mode
- Smooth background sounds/music fade out/in during message reading
- Sound and vibration notification before reading with smart writer name and chat name announcement
- Reading of emoji's and attachment announce
- Flexible audio source channel choose for advanced users

and more...

Development of this commercial product started on 20th December 2015, then first stable version appeared by the end of January 2016. As long as this application was built with official VKsdk, by chance it become a competitor of VK Mobile Challenge 2016 competition that started on February 2016.

Currently service is available on PlayMarket only for Android 4.0.3+ users. Any installed voice synthesizer required before using this application. Google Voice or SVOX TTS suggested as the quickest and most pleasant.

InEar for VK is one of the smart applications that can be wisely used by everyone. ^ Click me ^