HexAxis FPV LTE (4G) Drone I 
02.08.2015 - First distanced run of 3-wheel drone via 4G-LTE network At this moment drone moved using only two drive wheels in front (electric screwdrivers) and one free-to-move rear skate wheel. To control drone from computer we used our own software that holds connection with drone through 4G-LTE network, TeamViewer, Skype etc. Hardware of this drone consisted of own electric circuits (motor drivers), 1x Arduino Nano(AT328) connected to tablet with Windows 7 onboard (Acer Iconia W4-820), 4G-LTE router (Huawei E5372) with unlimited Internet and white IP-adress, Android smartphone (HTC Sensation) with installed IP-Webcam application. During first run drone traveled up to 2km on the maximal distance of 600m from pilot without any emergency pauses or crashes.
HexAxis FPV LTE (4G) Drone II 
16.08.2015 - Project FPV LTE Drone started at his second journey. At this point drone got his second pair of drive wheels and 180-degree controllable camera in addition to previous. This 4x4 set increased his maneuverability and torque We also added to our software option to trim power for every single wheel that solved problem of syncing rotation speed on all four wheels. Increasing all this parameters required more drivers and second Arduino Nano. All this upgrades was in pleasure considering new conditions of this run. We tried our drone in a natural environment and satisfied with results. During second run drone traveled over 1.5km on the maximal distance of 1km. Drone lost gears on one of his front motors at the middle of the distance, still problem was noticed only after passing the finish line.
HexAxis FPV LTE (4G) Drone III 
10.10.2015 Drone was supplied with brand new Logitech C920 HD web camera. We also designed system of gears for servo in order to achieve incontinuous 370 degree rotation. Using this system help us to know which way camera is looking at the moment.

Currently Drone is being redeveloped in order to get bigger chassis, more torque from motors with encoders, suspension (camera stabilization), autonomous systems with sensors and computer vision etc.